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5000 People Will Join Together

To Protect 1 Million Acres of the World's Most Biodiverse Rainforests

Cofan territory

Save A Culture

cofan crafts

Fund an Innovative Indigenous Ranger Program

Park guards

and Offset Their Carbon Emissions

Join the Campaign for 5000 Now



Take a moment right now to be one of the 5000 people that preserve, conserve, and protect the Cofán territories of Northern Ecuador. As a thank you, you'll receive a downloadable mp3 file of the "Sounds of Zábalo!"

We each count. It's up to us to make a difference.

The Cofan Survival Fund is a U.S. 509(a)1 tax-exempt, non-profit organization -- Your charitable donations are tax deductible.


Donor Testimonials

"It is with great pleasure that my wife and I have chosen to support the Campaign for 5000. The Campaign for 5000 provides needed resources for work that is vitally important not only to the Cofáns, but also to Ecuador, and the global community. We encourage the support of this program."

-Ted & Brigitte Pidduck, Richmond, VA

"I want you to know how inspired we are by the work of the Cofán and FSC. In a world of massive threats to forests and indigenous people, I can´t think of many other examples where so much worthwhile has been achieved with your level of funding."

-Jacob Olander, Ecodecisión & Heliconius Butterfly Farm, Ecuador


“I decided to support the Cofan and join the Campaign for 5000 by buzz cutting my head instead of visiting a hairstylist each month. I look good with a smile on my face, and the money goes to a great cause!”


-Gordon Hempton, The Sound Tracker, Indianola, WA


"Eighteen years ago I was on holiday in Ecuador and I visited the Cofán community in Zábalo. I felt like a welcome guest and was deeply touched. Some time ago all this came back in my mind, like a voice calling me. I searched the internet and found the site of the Cofán. I wholeheartedly want to support your community in the preservation of the rainforest, the training of the Rangers, etc."

-Riekie van Bockel, ‘s-Hertogenbosch, Netherlands

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About the Campaign for 5000

The Cofan Survival Fund employs a highly-trained, uniformed, and very effective team of Cofán Rangers who patrol more than one million acres of extremely biodiverse mountains and rain forests of the Cofán Ancestral Territories in Northern Ecuador.

Cofán rangers have successfully protected rain forest plants and animals against deforestation, poaching, illegal mining and other activities that threaten the ecological integrity of these vital ecosystems.

The Cofan Survival Fund developed this unique conservation program over the past 20 years through generous scientific and financial support from international conservation organizations, philanthropic foundations and individual donors including The Nature Conservancy, the John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation, the Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation, and USAID to name a few. To learn more about our past and present working partners, please click here.

Now that the Cofán Ranger Program is firmly established and producing on-the-ground results to successfully protect their ancestral territories, our main focus is to create an ongoing funding source that will sustain the valuable work that we have begun.  That is why we've initiated the "Campaign for 5000."

"The goal of the Campaign for 5000 is to bring together 5,000 people to fund the Cofán Ranger Program and protect some of the most biodiverse rain forests in the world."

Your $10/month will make a real difference in the survival of a culture, the protection of rare and yet undiscovered species, and the preservation of some of the highest biodiversity forests in the world.

By preventing unchecked deforestation and forest degradation, each $10/month donation will also ensure that 12 metric tons of CO2 per year that would otherwise be released to the atmosphere and contribute to global warming will stay in the forests, that the trees will continue to protect the watersheds and provide habitat for the millions of species of plants and animals that call the Cofán territory their home.  For more information on Cofán voluntary carbon credits, visit on our
Carbon in the Cofán Territories page.

The average US citizen generates 20 metric tons of CO2 per year. Your individual contribution of $10/month will offset more than half of your annual carbon emissions generated your electricity use, your transportation, and the energy used in producing your food and manufacturing your possessions.

Offset your carbon emissions, help a culture survive and thrive, save megadiverse tropical rainforests and feel good every time you see your tax deductible $10 donation on your bank statement.



Take a moment right now to Become One of the 5000 who will preserve, conserve and protect the Cofán territories of Northern Ecuador, and as a thank you, receive a downloadable mp3 of the "Sounds of Zábalo!"

We each count. It's up to us to make a difference.



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Fundación para la Sobreviviencia del Pueblo Cofán in Ecuador